4 December 2009

New plants from old – part two

Do you remember those trimmings from the rosemary bushes?  Well, those trimmings were snipped from the plants deliberately; we had decided to take some healthy rosemary sprigs, deliberately cut from the main plant and use them to create new plants from old.

But the other day, somebody handed me a very sad looking bit of a geranium plant that had been broken off accidentally during an over-vigorous playtime game.  And walked over by more than one pair of boot-clad feet.  Something for the compost heap?

No.  Wait.  Let’s see if we can work a bit of magic and rescue it.  Plonk the stem into some water – and wait.

And we waited.  In fact, we forgot about it.  Until the other day, an excited squeak rang out.  ‘Look!  Roots!’

Look we did.  And roots there were!


But that gave us a bit of a dilemma.  You see, as well as the plant using its energy to grow roots, it also had flowers and even new buds.  All of which, we felt, would also be using up energy.


So.  What to do?  Would we snip them off as we had the crispy chrysanthemum flowers in our attempt to encourage those plants to push out healthy roots?


In the end we decided to pull off the bruised, boot-damaged leaves but to leave the flowers and buds intact. 

And to wait and see if we have been able to make more new plants from old.

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