7 December 2009

A taste of things to come

My goodness we had an exciting time on Thursday.  We had been invited to the big school for a morning of music…..


of patterns, of rhymes and of rhythms.  What a great introduction to our new unit it would be; a taste of things to come.

We played hand-clapping, toe-tapping…..


games.  We listened to the rhythm and kept to the beat with percussion instruments…..


as well as exploring the sounds that can be made using exotic plants….


that had been dried and decorated; (any idea what part of a plant this might be?)


We gathered round the piano and sang along to songs both old and new.

But perhaps best of all, having already enjoyed the story of ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson, we acted out her rhyming tale ‘Room on the Broom’ in which a witch…..


finds out quite how many people her broomstick…..


will take.  And the answer, as we found out for ourselves…..


is a surprisingly large number!

But what about the patterns I mentioned at the beginning of this post?  Well, those amongst us who kept their eyes open during all the excitement, should recognise some – or maybe even all – of the patterns below.

boogying with francesca

With thanks to Daniel for sharing his mum with us.  And of course thanks to Mum herself!

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Theresa said...

Continue to LOVE your photos and your posts about learning! Excellent work.