12 September 2009

In the style of…..

Having spent some time during the first week of school, making silhouettes of our own profiles, we were rather intrigued by these peculiar portraits which were painted by the artist, Picasso.


We noticed that he had painted a profile (or side view) as well as a front view.  This made the faces look rather strange.


Apparently Picasso developed his distinctive style in part by using ideas from other artists.  In much the same way, we can learn from others and so develop our own individuality.

We were so taken with these part-profile portraits of Picasso’s, that we decided to try to use his ideas to make our own; portraits in the style of Picasso.

First we sketched a round or oval shape.  After we had traced a finger down the centre of our own face, to feel the dips and bumps which are our eyes and noses and mouths and chins, we drew a profile, or side view, down the middle.  Then we added eyes, a mouth, hair and ears.  It didn’t matter at all if eyes were too high or ears lopsided!  The crazier the hair, the better!

IMG_0322 IMG_0323

Finally, we used bright, bright oil pastels to colour the faces. 


Once we had finished our decidedly ‘individual’ masterpieces, our friends were asked to take a look; to find something they especially liked about what we had done.

Paulina told us she liked Dhaluni’s because of the bumpy brown hair.


Sam told Daniel that he especially liked the spiky yellow hair.


Arathi loved the colours Afif had chosen.


Can told Johannes that he especially liked the red of the eyes.


Liv loved lots about Camille’s portrait; the eyes; those bright colours.


And how about this portrait by Liv?  Taylor told her that the eyes were really nice and that she liked the hair and that earring.


Shin didn’t comment on the yellowness of Sebastian’s face.  What he was taken with was the colour of the ears.  Green!


Kareem told Sean, ‘I like the way you did the hair.’


Alex also noticed the hair; this time on Delfine’s portrait.


Liam told Alex, ‘I like the way the hair sticks out’.


Daniel paid Enakshi a compliment.  ‘I like the two different colourful colours on the face,’ he said.


Why not come along to the classroom and take a look at the whole of the portrait gallery?  While you are there, try to find the artist of one of the portraits – and tell them what you like about it!

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