8 September 2009

Taking a leaf out of Henry Hippo’s book – though hopefully without all the mess

After we had enjoyed the tale of Helpful Henry and had heard all about his efforts to care for his poorly mum, we decided to paint to show an example of a time when we were caring to a friend.  This is what we had to say as we worked.

Liv – I am leading my friend to the nurse; she fell down.


Leo – Someone is lonely and I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ and he said, ‘I don’t have a friend.’  I said, ‘You want to play with me?’  And then after we played on the slide.


Taylor – Today in the playground I was caring when I was playing with my friend and this girl was all alone and she had no-one to play with. So we said, ‘Do you want to play with us?’ and she said yes.


Delfine – I was helping my sister go to the nurse when her tooth fell out.


Can – We were playing football with my friend and he got hurt. I took him to the nurse.


Liam – I was playing football when this other guy joined in. Then, instead of kicking it in the goal he kicked it on his leg. I took him to the nurse.


Utsav – He fell down and I took him to the nurse.


Nandine – Someone was alone and then I asked, ‘Do you want to play with me?’


Sebastian – Someone kicked the ball in someone’s face by accident; I took them to the nurse.


Sam – When someone tripped and had a bloody knee, I told the teacher and took them to the nurse.


Paulina – We were at the playground and my friend hurt herself and I went home with her and I told it to her mum.


Sean – Someone fell down and then I helped him. I brought him to the nurse.


Afif – He was walking and he didn’t see a rock and he fell. I brought him to the nurse.


Enakshi – I was playing with someone and there was a friend; he was playing football, somebody pushed him and he fell down. I went to him and said, ‘Are you OK?’  He was crying so I took him to the nurse.


Leonor – They were all by themselves and I played with them.

Camille – Someone got hurt and I brought them to the nurse.

Kareem – I was in school and somebody didn’t know what to do and he was lonely so I helped him.

Alex – The day before yesterday my friend Killian fell over so I asked him if he felt Ok and if he hurt or if he could still run.

Daniel – Today Dylan didn’t have anyone to play with so I asked if he wanted to play. He said, ‘Yes.’

I wonder if you noticed how many of the examples mentioned above happened during break at school that very day; I think you will agree that we have an impressively caring group of children in Class 2i.  And having started to think about ways in which we have already shown ourselves to be caring, we decided to keep our eyes and ears open for other caring acts.  Let’s see if we can make this an especially caring school year!

Oh and why not come to the classroom and take a look at our finished work?  Now that we have wiped up all the spilled water and paint dribbles…..

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