26 September 2009

In the style of…..me!

With the focus of late being on the caring community that is our school, it is no wonder that when I asked children to think of somewhere that is special to them, they were immediately able to choose a favourite place.

And if you were asked to make a picture of that favourite place, how would you choose to do it?  Would you sketch with a pencil…..


or opt for poster paints? 


Would you prefer pencil crayons or oil pastels?  What about watercolour paints?


With such a range of possibilities, of course there was a wealth of different materials in use as we set to work.

And if you were later asked to write why it is so special for you, what would you write? 

For some that special place is the classroom (phew!)  Arathi, for example, says it’s her favourite place, ‘because it is so fun’.

my favourite place1

Shinnosuke’s favourite place is the sandpit, ‘because it’s fun so I always come to play’.

my favourite place3

Afif wrote, ‘My favourite place is the library.  I like the library because it’s quiet.’  Something of a contrast to the classroom, methinks! 

 my favourite place2

Paulina too likes the library.  ‘You can get new books and there are nice books to read,’ she wrote.  Enakshi is in agreement.  ‘There are many books in the library,’ she concurs.

my favourite place

Kareem wrote that his favourite place is the football pitch.  ‘Because I feel free,’ he explains.

school misc

Nandine, an enthusiastic linguist, is firm about her favourite place.  ‘The French class.  I like it there because we learn French,’ she wrote.

 my favourite place4 

The gym is a favourite place for lots of us.  Liam likes it, ‘because  you can jump and slide.’  Sebastian is also enthused.  ‘It’s where we do sport and it is very big.  You must see it!’ he recommends.

Keen scientist Alex loves the garden.  ‘There are creepy crawlies – and you get to dig!’


Why not come along to the classroom and take a look at all of our special places?  I wonder how many of them you recognise. Do you have a special place?  What makes it special for you?

(with heartfelt thanks to Mira, without whose calm, efficient assistance, all would have been a nightmarish muddle!)


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