21 September 2009

In the style of…..

Just take a look at this young man; what do you think he is feeling? 


Well, we all agreed that he looks cross.  But how do we know he was feeling angry when the picture was drawn?

Daniel noticed that his eyebrows were down.  Leo spotted that his mouth was also down.  Camille pointed out that his whole face was down; that even his hair looked grumpy!

Paulina said his arms were crossed and his shoulders were up.  And Daniel said that he was all alone.

Meet Angry Arthur. 

Angry Arthur is a character in a story of the same name by Hiawyn Oram.  In the story, Arthur got into a rage about something quite minor.  But his rage got out of hand, becoming a stormcloud; a hurricane; a typhoon; an earth tremor; and finally a universequake!

Having shared one or two anecdotes about our own experiences of temper tantrums (!) we thought about how we might depict such anger.

First we sketched the outline of a face.  The we added the features.  We made the eyebrows go down.


When we were satisfied that all the right things went down, we took a black wax crayon, and traced over our pencil marks.  We pressed hard (just as if we were in a rage) so that the lines stood out.  When we had finished, even the hair was in a rage!


Next we painted a strip of bright yellow paint right down the middle of the face, covering the features.


Then, drip by drip, we added black to the yellow…..

after edvard munch

and painted increasingly darker yellowish strips on either side of the bright yellow features.

after edvard munch2

A drip or two more…..

after edvard munch1

until eventually, at the edges of the paper, we painted a strip of pure black.

after edvard munch3

A painting in the style of…..?  Well, why not come to the classroom and make up your own mind?

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