8 September 2009

That First Week Back at School

With the start of September, so comes the beginning of a whole new school year.  A whole new year – and a whole new Blog. 

Picture 23 eager uplifted faces; 23 little sponges ready to soak up a year of new learning!

Put the two together and let’s see what happens…..

In fact that first week back was actually only a part-week, but it got off to a satisfyingly busy start.  And right at the end of Friday, we sat back to reflect on how it had all been.  Would those 23 be as eager to return for more of the same on Monday?

Next take 23 or so brightly-coloured balloons.  Pull them and stretch them and then fill them (rather than your cheeks!) up with puff.  IMG_0144    

Take another big breath (wrinkled nose optional!)…..and blow.


Phew!  Once the end is firmly tied to keep all that breath inside, take one of Val’s indelible markers (thank you Val!) and use it to draw a face on the balloon.  The face should show your friends how you feel.

And here is just a small sample of those faces; broad beaming smiles to a man.  Even the teacher’s face was a smiley one (but that might be because of the imminent weekend!)

IMG_0141  IMG_0142 IMG_0152 IMG_0154

So – I guess I’ll see you all next week!

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