16 September 2009

Let’s be friends!

Poor bored Fox. 


When his mum told him he needed to go and make a friend, Fox thought she meant that he should – well – make one.  And so he set about making a friend, using sticks for arms and legs, an apple for the head and nuts for the eyes!  Oh dear!

Of course the new friend did not play with Fox.  So Fox asked Rabbit, who happened to be nearby, if he would help him make a bigger, better friend.

By the end of the story, Fox and Rabbit – and also Squirrel – had worked together to make three stick ‘friends’, none of which was much use.

But of course, they soon realised that they had made friends all along – with each other.  They had made friends by playing and working together.

That got us talking.  And writing.  And drawing.  ‘What’, we asked, ‘can I say to make friends with someone?’


I could ask, ‘Can I play with you?’



I could ask, ‘Can you play with me?’



I could ask, ‘Please can you be my friend?’


Try it – the answer will usually be…..YES!


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