13 November 2009

Art Soup

I’m afraid that I can’t invite you to the classroom to see our wonderful edible art.


We ate it, you see!  But we didn’t just munch our way through a mountain of sliced raw peppers and carrots (although of course that would have been perfectly possible).

No.  As Liv said, ‘We made art soup.’

How did we go about it?  Well, Arathi told us that first, ‘Mira washed the vegetables.’

‘We had beans, parsley, cauliflower and carrots,’ said Sebastian.

‘And broccoli,’ added Leonor.

‘We put celery in the soup,’ said Kareem.

‘And red and yellow peppers.’  Afif.

‘What about the cucumbers?’ asked Enakshi.

‘Cucumbers and peppers are fruits because they have seeds,’ explained Can.

‘But we didn’t put the parsley in,’ Alex observed.  Mira cut the parsley into tiny pieces.  We would sprinkle it on top when the soup was ready.

‘Mira and Mrs D cut the vegetables,’ said Sam.  ‘They went into a huge pan.’


‘Can and I put in the water,’ said Paulina. ‘We put two bowls in until the pot was full.’

‘A little bit of salt went in,’ said Liam.

‘Three sprinkles,’ clarified Utsav.

‘Taylor went with Mira to put the soup on the cooker,’ said Delfine.

‘It had a lid on,’ said Taylor.


‘I checked to see if it was hot enough,’ said Camille.


‘I went down to smell it,’ said Dhaluni. 

‘It’s ready!’ she told us when she got back.

When it was cooked we mixed it,’ Daniel told us. 


Everybody helped.


‘I like it,’ said Johannes.

‘I had seconds,’ said Shinnosuke.

‘I had thirds!’ said Can.  ‘Good job everyone!’ he added.

(With special thanks to Mira, without whose calm efficiency, the art soup would probably still be simmering on the stove!)

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