9 November 2009

Skipping winter

Last year at around this time, Mira brought in a beautiful painting to show us.


Frothy pink cherry blossom on stark black stems.  With a notable lack of green.  Cherry trees blossom, you see, before their leaves unfurl.

With inspiration from the painting, we attempted our own.

This year though, we thought we would try something a bit different.  We would need black paint…..


and plenty of puff.  A blob of black…..

japanese-style cherry blossom1

and a straw…..


to direct the puff.  With a little bit of practice…..

japanese-style cherry blossom2

just look what we were able to achieve!


Next, the blossom.  Tiny diamonds cut from the pinkest of crepe paper are glued…..

japanese-style cherry blossom



into place.


Why not skip winter this year, and step straight into spring along with us?

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