6 November 2009

A fruitful day

Prunes as a late breakfast; apples for lunch.  A very fruitful day!  Two very different fruits, but fruits all the same.  They both have seeds you see. 

Prunes (plums) each have one hard seed, that we discovered contained a softer kernel.


But what about apples.  How many seeds do apples have?  Do all apples have the same number of seeds, we wondered.  We each took a guess and estimated the number of seeds our apple would have.  And then we ate our way…..


(missing teeth notwithstanding)…..


down to the core, which is where the seeds are to be found.

Some of us needed a little mechanical help…..


to get at the ‘treasure’.


But get there we did.


With seeds carefully counted, we then recorded what we had found out.  Each ‘stick’ would represent one apple; each ‘blob’ was one seed.


What other fruits can you think of that have more than one seed inside?  Why not try and record the results like we did?

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