13 November 2009

Edible Art

Something a little bit different in art today; we would be using parts of plants that we can eat!  And don’t worry – not one carrot was wasted!

A peek inside the shopping basket revealed polished red and yellow peppers as well as a long slender cucumber.  Fruits.

And then there were seed-containing green beans.


As well, we had some roots (in the shape of carrots) stems (celery) flowers (broccoli as well as a cauliflower) and leaves (parsley).

Our task was to use the washed and sliced fruits and vegetables to make funny faces.  Sliced rounds of carrots could be used for wide-awake eyes, with broccoli and parsley as a mop of crazy hair.  A slice of pepper would make a perfect broad grin.


Or how about using bendy beans as curved eyebrows…..

edible art

or a knob of cucumber for a nose?

edible art1

The leaves snapped off a celery stalk would make a closer crop of hair…..

edible art2

and why not fashion a moustache from the rest of the stem?

edible art3

Yours truly had to be pretty fast at snapping the results; it being almost lunchtime, hungry children found it rather hard to resist  nibbling at the odd ear or smile…..

PS  Next stop a Swiss version of this perhaps!

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