23 November 2009

Some ‘did you knows’

Once a week our silent reading time is dedicated to trying to find out something new about our current unit of inquiry; either by reading alone or by looking at a book with a friend.  We then join together to share aloud what we have found out.  Here is a selection of some of our recent ‘did you knows’.

“Did you know,” began Leo, “that some dead trees can have a new plant growing on them?”


Can was eager to share this.  “Did you know that every year a tree adds a new part to the trunk; a ring?  If you count the rings you can tell the age of the tree.”


According to Sebastian, “The tallest trees on Earth are giant redwood.”  Did you know that they can grow up to 120 metres high?

Still on the topic of trees, Paulina shared this.  “Did you know that if you cut down a tree there is sticky stuff inside?” 


Actually, some trees have sweet sticky stuff that you can collect and then pour onto your breakfast bacon.  And some have white sticky stuff that is bouncy and can be used to make balls and tyres.


“Did you know,” wondered Taylor, “that Venus fly traps have tiny hairs inside?”  When a fly touches the hair, it makes the ‘trap’ shut fast and the fly gets stuck inside.

Did you know that lotus seeds can float?


That ferns are one of the oldest plants and that they have been around since before the time of the dinosaurs?  And that they have ‘little dots’ on the undersides of their leaves?


Some of the ‘did you knows’ really got us thinking.  For example, did you know that not only do cactuses have flowers…..


but that there are some that have flowers that only bloom at night

cactus flower

Now why might that be do you think?  We thought it might be something to do with the habits of the insect that pollinates the plant.  What do you think?

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