2 October 2009

Blueberry Muffins

I let slip that last year at around this time, we made blueberry muffins – as part of our unit on plants.  That caused a bit of a stir!


Of course we were quick to make the connection between the blueberries and plants.  But, I asked, which, if any, of the other ingredients also come from plants?

Delfine was quick to tell us that wheat seeds come from a plant.  And Sebastian clarified this by telling us that the seeds are ground up to make flour.

What about sugar?  Well, that’s obviously not from a plant.  Sugar, we know, comes from the supermarket.  From a machine.  From a packet. 


And butter caused a bit of confusion too.  Butter, you see, almost certainly comes from buttercups…..


Food for thought, I feel!

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