10 October 2009

What plants grow near our school?

We went outside on a ‘plant’ hunt the other day.  What we wanted to find out was what different plants we might find – and whereabouts they grow?  Do different plants grow in different places?

First stop, the field; the large area of ‘grass’ where we run around playing tag….. 


or ball games with our friends.

But look closely.  Is it just grass growing there?  Or can we see other small plants tucked in between the blades of grass?



Now let’s move to an area that is rather less green


No grass here.  I wonder why!  Look all the way up through the layers of leaves.


Here we are surrounded by tall, tall trees.  Tall trees with nothing (much) growing beneath them.  Hmm.

Moving on again.  This time to…..


Here is a mixture of bare, freshly dug earth and different plants – that we or our friends have planted. 

Things planted for us to eat…..


Things planted for others to eat…..


Things that smell good…..


Things planted just to gladden the heart…..


No trees – or grass – here.  Why not, do you think?

What other kinds of places can you find plants growing?  Why do you think plants grow there?  Are there some places that suit different plants better than others?

Keep your eyes open - I wonder; are you in for any surprises?

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