31 October 2009

Supplementing the diet

Enakshi brought some seeds to school.  Small, knobby, brown, scented fenugreek seeds.  Seeds that I would normally use, once I had ground them up, when making a curry.

But we weren’t going to use them in a curry.  No; we were going to try and make them sprout.  Using nothing but water and sunlight.  A little like the way Camille made her mung bean seeds sprout.


And once we had got the sprouting ‘bug’ we also decided to try it with alfalfa seeds and azuki beans; you could hunt through your store cupboards to find other seeds to sprout.

Our seeds were layered into a special sprouting container, but you could use a jam jar with holes punched in the lid to let the water drain away.  Each day, someone was in charge of pouring a jug of fresh water through the layers of seeds, and then emptying used water from the bottom tray.

After just one week, my goodness had they sprouted!  See the roots of the mung beans poking through the bottom of the tray.


See the curly shoots of the azuki beans…..


and the jumble of the fenugreek.


Enakshi tells us that her dad loves to eat fenugreek sprouts at breakfast time, seasoned with a little salt and pepper.  I liked the sweetness of the fenugreek sprouts, as well as the nutty taste of the azuki beans.    


Want to taste? 

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