17 October 2009

A teeny tiny hole

I am not sure who spotted it first; the teeny tiny hole in one of the luscious green peppers that we had plucked from the pepper plant in the garden.


I am not even sure who asked that all-important question, ‘What made that hole?’

Different theories abounded (a bird pecked it; a caterpillar nibbled it) but anyway we decided to take a peek inside to see if whoever it was who made the hole had attacked from within – and was still there.

Breaths were collectively held as the pepper was sliced through.  Breaths were slowly released as – nothing – was revealed!

So our theories remain theories.  But wait.  What’s that you have there?  An acorn?  With a teeny tiny hole inside it?  What, I wonder, made that hole.

This time we all had an acorn with a hole (they were surprisingly easy to find) and we all had it sliced through (breaths held, fingers safely out of the way).  We all got to peer closely at the resulting…..


what one can only really describe as a ‘mess’ using a magnifying glass.  And still, as breaths were slowly released – nothing - (other than the surprising mess) was revealed!

Which led us back outside to search for an un-nibbled acorn.  One without a teeny tiny hole.  Rather less easy were these to find.

Ah ha.  Success.  As that was sliced through (breaths again held) a fat juicy, very wiggly (and, as I can bravely testify, extraordinarily energetically tickly) grub was revealed.  A whole one, luckily for all concerned (especially the grub!)  Phew!


Time to rethink our theories.  Maybe the grub started life inside the acorn (but how?)…..and ate its way out (leaving a mighty mess behind).

Maybe.  But it was a very fat grub.  And the holes really were teeny tiny.

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