9 October 2009

What a difference a week makes…..

Do you remember those seeds that Camille ‘sprouted’ for us?


Well, imagine my surprise when, a mere week later (having rather unfairly dismissed someone’s observations that ‘Camille’s seeds are growing!’ with a distracted, ‘Yes, we saw that when she brought them to show us.’) I happened to glance towards where they were sitting in a sunny spot at the side of the classroom.  My goodness; they really were growing!  Eat your heart out Jack (he of the impressive beanstalk)!


Interestingly though, the brightly coloured, sweet-scented roses, courtesy of Taylor and Alex…..


in spite of having had their water replenished, as suggested by Delfine, were no longer quite so bright and fresh looking.  No longer quite so alive!


But as for the lettuce lotus seeds, well, you had better just come along and take a look for yourself!

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