12 October 2009

It started with a show of hands…..

Which do you prefer, I asked; apples or oranges?  A show of hands when counted, revealed the answer.  In our class, apples are clearly the most popular of the two fruits.


What other things, I then wondered, might you want to find out about your classmates?  What questions could you ask them?  We put our heads together in pairs to see what kinds of questions we could come up with.

Arathi and Shinnosuke wanted to know, ‘What is your favourite vegetable?’  Meanwhile, Kareem, Daniel and Johannes wondered, ‘What is your best fruit?’ while Sean and Afif asked, ‘What is your favourite plant?’

Sebastian and Leo asked, ‘Do you have a garden?’ and Taylor and Liv wanted to know, ‘Do you like gardening?’  I think we already know the answer to that one!

Paulina and Delfine offered us a choice between pansies…..


and daffodils as a favourite flower.  Enakshi and Leonor wondered, ‘What is your favourite colour of rose?’  We could choose either red or yellow.


Can and Liam were interested in whether we liked corn or lettuce best and Alex and Sam teased our taste buds by asking whether we would choose banana or mango-flavoured ice cream.  Difficult choice, that one – although speaking personally, I have a bit of a penchant for salted caramel ice cream.


Having decided upon our question, we then set about asking our classmates to find out their answers to it.  We would be doing a survey.  Armed with clipboards, paper and pencils…..


we set to work, finding our own way of recording all the responses to our question.






Our next job will be to develop a way of presenting our findings so that we can share what our own particular survey tells us about the class.

What do you think is the most popular kind of tree?  What colour of rose should I plant in order to keep the most children happy?  And how many children in Class 2i do you think are lucky enough to have their own garden?

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